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We pride ourselves on being your favorite trusted source of girls’ clothing, accessories, and matching mother-daughter looks. Founded in Miami, Florida in 2007, our vision was to become more than just a clothing brand, Our job is to make things simple by providing fully styled outfits that fit every occasion.

Mia Belle has become a household name and fan favorite on social media. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the Southeast region and on the INC. 5000 list among other honors.

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Designed to Complement Each Unique Personality

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Made from Quality Fabrics, Whimsical Colors & Fun Prints

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Lasting Durability.

Won't Fade or Shrink

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Five Stars for Quality!

"No other brand pays closer attention to quality, fabric, and timeless style. I'm a fan!"

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The Only Brand I Trust

"Fantastic Quality and Amazing Prices. Always adorable new styles to shop from"

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Hard to keep in stock

"We love this brand brand so do our shoppers. Our buyers always come back for more!"


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